Merryhill Complete Asbestos Removal Project in Portsmouth

Sep 30, 2019 Uncategorised

Merryhill recently completed a large asbestos removal project at a former University of Portsmouth accommodation campus.

The Langstone campus in Milton, Portsmouth had a number of old accommodation blocks that required demolition prior to redeveloping the site.

Having been closed in 2018, the client had deemed the buildings to be beyond economical repair. To mitigate any risk of the buildings being misused while left unoccupied the University decided to demolish the buildings.

Merryhill were contracted to Hughes and Salvidge, the demolition contractor for the project.

Merryhill’s contract was to remove a number of both licensed and non-licensed asbestos materials from each of the 7 large blocks, including the clearance of a floor duct system. The floor duct network was found to contain asbestos insulation board (AIB) shuttering.

Along with the floor ducts, the other main notifiable asbestos had been found above all top floor windows by way of AIB fillet panels.

Asbestos Insulation Filler Panel
AIB fillet panel above window

During the course of the removal process, it was found that further AIB was present to the external high level fascias around the perimeter of each building.

AIB high level fascia panel behind UPVC cladding and bitumen felt

Following the additional discovery of the fascia panels, Merryhill worked hard to ensure the overall project programme was not jeopardised.

The project showcased Merryhill’s flexible approach and ability to accommodate customer needs. Despite the increased workload, Merryhill were able to complete the job in the same time frame by utilising additional labour and supervision.